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Hello all,

First and foremost, thanks for visiting my blog.  Topics posted on this blog will relate to theoretical questions in criminal theory.  Criminology and Criminal Justice are full of theories borrowed or adapted from multiple disciplines including, psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics.  The field itself has been influenced, in some indeterministic directionality, by the onslaught of crime shows.  Although this blog will focus on academic theories and ideas, fictional T.V. shows frequently showcase interesting moral or scientific dilemmas that may be addressed here.  In the same light, people who have no background in criminology have their own theories and ideas about crime.  It is hoped that this blog will be a place to share those ideas, for in them there will be truth.  Realistically, there are no uneducated individuals in criminal theory.  Coming in with multiple perspectives can be dangerous on a blog.  Keep in mind that theoretical science is build on challenging ideas to strengthen or alter them.  Theories emerge through constant refinement.  In a fashion, building, challenging, and refining, is science.

Theoretical criminology is an interesting field to discuss.  Many believe that empirical testing is the only approach to science.  In part, I have to agree.  Without testing, a theory is nothing more than an educated guess.  However,  empirical science without theory is just as dangerous.  I see many student bury themselves in empirical studies without direction.  They analyze data and publish simply to have a scientific article on their vitae.  The academic world is struggling with publishing standards.  It is true that academics need to publish to stay current, but the quantity of publications is not a measure intellectual ability.  Science needs direction that theory offers.  Thus, I encourage empirical findings or anecdotal evidence to show up in comments, but I ask that they be accompanied with a discussion on how this affects theory.

Author Introduction:   By way of introduction, I am a doctoral student in the field of Criminal Justice.  I am in limbo.  At this stage I am not considered a student, but have not yet reached an academic status either.  I find myself in a perfect stage to write this blog.  Presumably, I have some understanding of general criminal theory.  At the same time, I do not find myself in the ivory tower.  As many of you can attest, graduate school is very good at keeping one humble.  The arcane procedures are grueling and arduous.  It was during this time that I realized the only sane reason to proceed in this system was because of the love for learning.  While I do not claim sanity, I enjoy the process of learning.  As an aside, I do not wish to steal anyone’s ideas.  Intellectual property rights and research protocol have strict guidelines on collaboration.  The blog is meant for a mental exercise, not a publishing springboard.  I have chosen to keep my specific area of research outside of this blog for that very reason.

Hopefully you find this blog interesting and enlightening.  Please feel free to post your opinions and comments.  The blog is meant to be a synthesis of ideas.  If you have any recommendations or ideas feel free to post them in the comment section of this post.